Concrete Septic Tank versus Plastic Septic Tank
Environmentally Concerned Businesses
Host Doug Lassiter lecturing on the importance of equal performance standards.
Watch the video showing septic tanks of different construction materials being vacuum tested to the same performance standards.  The video is the result of a lot of effort from a group of people who believe that all septic tanks should be held to the same performance standards no matter what the construction material.  You will see how weak expensive plastic tanks are when tested to ASTM standards. 
A properly made concrete septic tank will pass the vacuum test with flying colors.  Concrete septic tanks have a longer life cycle and are more economical to the end user.
Plastic tank manufactures claim they have a better manufacturing process which produces a tank identical to the one before, and the one after it.  Be sure that the plastic tanks tested in the video represent the entire line of tanks for that particular brand tank.  The manufacturing process represents an important part of septic tank performance but does not directly correspond to the performance.  Construction materials, among other reasons, all contribute to the overall design of the septic tank.
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