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Three Sided Precast Concrete Box Culvert

Barger And Sons manufactures a wide range of precast concrete box culvert to meet your project needs. Learn more about box culvert from reading below. Our box culvert product is ASTM C 1433 compliant to meet the most current industry requirements. Precast concrete box culverts have many uses including water retention, storm drainage, utility conduit, holding tanks, underpasses, service tunnels, outfalls, bridges, and more. See attached example cross-sectional drawing for typical box culvert design.

The two piece mid-seam precast box culvert is a three-sided "U" and an inverted three-sided "U" joined with sealant at the site to make a four-sided box culvert.  The crown and base box culvert is yet another way to manufacture a four-sided box culvert.  The crown and base box culvert is a precast inverted "U" that is joined to a concrete base with sealant at the job site.  The latter two manufacturing methods are just different ways to precast a four-sided precast box culvert depending on a particular plant's capabilities.

Three sided structures are U-shaped.  A three-sided structure may or may not have a crown (or curve) in the center and come in standard sizes of 8' to 22' span lengths to use for short span bridges to allow natural stream beds to remain intact.  The three-sided precast culvert is a second generation to the four-sided box culvert, being used since the mid-1980's. Three-sided culverts must be placed on concrete footers.  The flat top three-sided precast concrete culvert, like the four-sided precast box culvert needs no fill and can withstand vehicular traffic.

Three Sided Monolithic Box Culvert General Detail

All box culvert specific projects have an engineering package certifying reinforcement layout and design loads and impact ratings for the specific project.

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When the corrugated metal pipe tile failed, it was time for a product with a 100 year design life for this driveway. The family turned to three sided precast concrete box culvert to span the creek and to make for a quick installation. The three sided box culvert carries an HS20 traffic rating and was installed in under two hours.
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