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Precast Concrete
Precast concrete manufacturing
Storm and Sanitary - (manholes, catch basins, wet wells, etc.)

Box Culvert - Four sided, three sided, etc.

Tanks - Septic, pump, grease, etc.

Vaults - Electrical, water meter, etc.

Stone Strong retaining walls

Dragon Teeth

Miscellaneous - Rainwater harvesting, parking bollards, E/One pump pads, water utility products
Box culvert comes in all shapes and sizes. Below is a triple cell 15' x 6' Cooper E80 railroad box culvert bridge. These units were set in 5 hours by the contractor for a fast permanent solution. Please contact us today regarding your project.
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Meter vaults of all shapes and sizes are manufactured and pre-assembled (if requested). Barger And Sons has a long history of meter vault manufacturing and relationships with utility districts across the southeastern United States. Meter vault assembly is overseen by licensed Distribution II and Water Treatment III water treatment professionals.
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