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Septic Tank Contractor


As an installer, you can’t afford tanks that

- aren’t delivered when promised
- don’t line up with your inlet pipe
- take longer to install
- fail during installation or during the first few months of use

Each of these
costs you money and needless frustration!!!

Only Barger Precast tanks are trouble-free at a competitive price . . .

Barger Precast offers you the most cost-effective and trouble-free solution

- Tanks are delivered on time – we promise! – meaning your crew is not standing around waiting while on your payroll

- Residential septic tanks are manufactured with the latest technology that requires no assembly on site, and can typically be installed in one tenth the time of other tanks

- Tanks are manufactured with precise dimensions – when you install by our drawings, you will never have to worry about alignment problems

- Tanks are manufactured with superior quality and structural integrity – you will experience no tank failures and no rejections by health inspectors because of poor tank construction

- Tanks have baffles that are built into the side walls instead of inserts like our competitors use – this means trouble free installation and operation and eliminates customer complaints

- We support you with installation of complete pump systems, allowing you to bid on jobs you normally haven’t attempted – we guarantee health inspector approval of pump systems that we install and can even provide ongoing maintenance and support for pump systems

- We stock all required accessories, including every major brand of field line products, providing you one source for a total solution

Barger Precast – delivering the most trouble-free tank where you need it, when you need it.