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Tennessee Septic Tanks

All of our septic tanks are steel reinforced with rebar and are poured with a 5,000 psi, 28 day compressive strength concrete mix. All tanks are customizable to fit your individual needs. Our technical drawings and written specifications are available below by clicking on the appropriate tank and specification link.
All septic tanks feature pipe boot for the inlet and outlet. This boot meets or exceeds A.S.T.M. specification C-923 and fits 4" schedule 40 PVC pipe (custom sizes available). Each boot has a #88 stainless steel band clamp to fit securely around the pipe to ensure a water tight connection. This boot makes it easy for commercial contractors to quickly and easily make a connection that is water tight.
Virtual Tank Tour
Not sure what a pipe boot looks like?  Don't know what a baffle wall is? 
Take a virtual tour and see high points of the manufacturing process and delivery.