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See what makes Barger And Sons unique
Our newest "What it takes" video series can be seen here. You can check out our YouTube Channel and view our video collection. Below we have listed a small sample of what you can find on our YouTube Channel.

Precast-IT! makes it possible to provide the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. By tracking inventory levels on a daily basis with 99.99% error free mistakes means that we know what to produce and when. By having an Inventory Management System that maintains a record of raw material characteristics, concrete cylinder breaks, inventory levels and age of each product line in stock, to the time, date, and delivery specialist who delivered the product eliminates product defects and keeps inventory levels low. This means we don't have to have large inventory levels and are able to deliver certified product just-in-time for your project. This passes the savings on to you.

Currently, Barger & Sons, Inc. is the only precast concrete company in the United States that utilizes Precast-IT! for their Inventory Management System.
Concrete Septic Tank versus Plastic Septic Tank
Concrete is more economical, more environmentally friendly, and has a much longer service life. The important fact is that concrete septic tanks are MUCH stronger than their plastic counterparts. Watch this video showing concrete septic tanks and plastic septic tanks being tested to ASTM C 1227 standards. Watch our vacuum testing video replicating real life stresses your septic tank and grease interceptor will see on a daily basis being buried underground.
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