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Monolithic Four Sided Precast Concrete Box Culvert

Four-sided precast concrete box culverts are typically referred to as box culverts.  Uses of the four-sided box culvert include detention; tunnels (for conveyors, utilities, access tunnels, escape tunnels); short-span bridges (over highways, waterways, railways, golf courses); and storm drains to convey stormwater, sewage, or industrial waste.  The precast concrete box culvert has been in use for over 40 years. There are three types of four-sided precast box culverts:  monolithically poured, two piece mid-seam, and crown and base. Four-sided monolithically poured precast box culverts are poured all as one piece at the precast concrete plant and shipped directly to the job site for immediate installation.

Four Sided Monolithic Box Culvert General Detail

All box culvert specific projects have an engineering package certifying reinforcement layout and design loads and impact ratings for the specific project.

Four sided box culvert detail
Triple cell box culvert for railroad being installed
Box culvert installation