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Advice from One Homeowner to Another

It’s all about protecting the ones you love most….

Can you imagine what might happen if your child, grandchild, or pet plays in a yard that is contaminated by seepage from a faulty septic system? The results can be disastrous! Untreated human waste is a primary source of E-Coli - bacteria so deadly that it can cause serious illness or even take the lives of those you love.

You can help ensure a safe environment around your home by insisting on installation of a Barger Precast watertight septic tank, the highest quality residential septic tank available to homeowners in the East Tennessee area. The quality and structural integrity of a Barger and Sons tank result in the highest possible level of performance and keep raw sewage where it belongs – below ground and away from your loved ones.
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Why is a Barger Precast tank so special? There are a number of reasons:

Based on a comprehensive review by an independent professional engineering firm, our tank manufacturing operations have been certified to meet the high quality standards of the National Precast Concrete Association – Barger Precast is the only East Tennessee tank manufacturer to achieve this certification.

We use stronger concrete than most manufacturers – concrete rated to withstand 5,000 pounds force per square inch, which far exceeds minimum requirements. We reinforce this concrete with steel bars that are fabricated into a carefully spaced cage that provides the highest possible structural integrity. This means you don’t have to worry about a Barger Precast tank collapsing under normal load. Did you know that improperly spaced rebar installed by many other tank manufacturers can actually accelerate failure of the tank?

Every septic tank has an internal baffle that keeps solid waste from reaching the field line and causing failure of the system. While other manufacturers use a baffle that simply slides into a groove in the tank walls and is prone to failure, our baffle is poured as part of the wall structure and does not fail!

Our tanks are built with precise dimensions, meaning all pipe connections line up properly and seals work as designed to eliminate leakage.

You get all of these superior, high quality features in a Barger and Sons tank at a competitive price! Ensuring the health and safety of your loved ones

Demand a Barger Precast Septic Tank
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