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Utility Districts

From One Utility Operator To Another . . .

We Understand Your Pain!

As a public sewer utility, you are constantly faced with the challenges of clogged lines and ever increasing volumes of waste. The impact on day-to-day operating costs and the long-term capital investment required just to maintain the status quo can be staggering. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Did you know that many of your sewer problems can be traced back to improperly designed holding tanks and grease interceptors?

As a company that both operates public utilities and manufactures precast concrete holding tanks and grease interceptors, Barger And Sons is in the unique position to understand utilities’ needs better than any other precaster in the United States. We currently employee 5 licensed water treatment plant operators and 6 licensed water distributionists. We manage and operate public drinking water and sewer utilities just like you. Yeah, we do everything from reading water meters to getting muddy fixing bad sewer leaks. Needless to say, we don’t like failures any more than you do!

Being in the field every day for the past 55+ years we have noticed the shortcomings in a lot of precast concrete utility products. Knowledge gained through our own utility experience of the last 4 decades has been used to perfect our precast products that offer superior service to utility districts across the United States of America. Our products include meter pits, multi-gang 3/4" meter pits, drinking water storage, watertight grease traps, H-20 traffic rated grease traps, septic tanks, sewage holding, and pumping tanks. Here are just a few of the lessons we have learned that minimize both your sewer problems and ours:

- Holding tanks and grease interceptors must be water tight! Our real world examples show as much as 129% infiltration and inflow from improperly designed tanks.

- Internal tank baffles that are simply inserted and often sitting only on bricks to provide spacing are prone to failure! This is why our tanks have baffles that are monolithic – built right into the tank walls and structurally sound.

- Improper placement of rebar can actually lead to tank leaks, resulting in increased infiltration and inflow, and can even accelerate structural failure of tanks. Barger And Sons tanks incorporate a carefully fabricated, carefully placed rebar structure that never causes leaks and always improves structural integrity of our precast tanks.

- Engineered designs and quality manufacturing assure excellent tank performance. This is why we work to the most stringent quality standards in the precast industry and are the only precast tank manufacturer in East Tennessee certified by the National Precast Concrete Association.

Barger and Sons – building the highest quality precast tanks available for your use and ours.

Sewer holding and pump tanks: In our decentralized sewer treatment facilities, watertight pump tanks make or break a system. Over the past decade we have been able to conduct studies on several sewer treatment facilities we operate. Purchased drinking water is compared against metered treated sewer effluent. Barger And Sons has a proven track record that shows our tanks are watertight and perform as advertised. Can our competition say that? No.