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Solutions for Suburban and Rural Developers

Developer Challenges
Ever tried to develop a property where there is no municipal sewer system? If so, you will probably agree that the single greatest challenge faced by developers of suburban and rural properties is providing reliable sewer service. For many residential developments, the developer has significantly enlarged lot sizes to assure there is enough space for each lot to have its own residential septic system. Even then, the funky nature of East Tennessee geological formations can make it difficult to place a septic system with sufficient capacity to support a large home. Even if it works, significantly increasing lot sizes eats into the developer’s profit margin, drives lot prices up, and makes it tougher to sell out the property. For commercial developments, lot-based septic systems simply are not an option. It’s safe to say that many potential suburban residential and commercial development opportunities have been put on the shelf because seemingly insurmountable sewer system challenges.

Solutions are Available Now!
There is really no need to wait – cost effective solutions are available now that enable development of virtually any property – anywhere. By including an onsite, decentralized sewer system into development plans, the developer is able to overcome any sewer system related challenges. In contrast to municipal sewer systems that transport waste to a central facility for treatment, a decentralized sewer system provides waste collection, treatment, and disposal of effluent within the confines of a single residential or commercial development. On-site should not be confused with “in your back yard” – decentralized systems, when properly planned, are virtually invisible and do not detract from the esthetics of your development. And – lot density in a residential development can be increased, lowering lot prices, boosting sales, and improving the developer’s profit margin.

Barger and Sons Offers Total Solutions
As East Tennessee’s complete water and sewer services provider, Barger and Sons is prepared to provide a total installed solution for your new development. With more than 50 years experience in water and sewer services, we can provide a complete sewer collection, treatment, and disposal system for your development, as well as a complete water distribution system. Our Tennessee certified water plant operators and water distributionists fully understand the issues faced by developers and can assist in planning and installing the best value solution for you. The key to success is to get Barger and Sons on board early during the planning stage when we have the most flexibility in planning the optimum solution for your development.