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PureMagic Carwash 2016 - Retaining Wall Maximizes Useable Site Space
Dealing with a jobsite with setback and grading challenges, PureMagic Carwash selected Stone Strong retaining wall block from C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc., to maximize the useable site space and create an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall to meet the Town of Farragut’s strict building codes.
PureMagic Carwash
New, State-of-the-Art Full Service Carwash Selects Stone Strong for Their Retaining Wall
Since 2005, Jim Rooney has expanded and revolutionized the full-service carwash facilities available to Knoxville and the surrounding communities with his progressive, new techniques to the full-service carwash model. When Rooney decided to build the fifth location of his popular carwashes, he set his eyes on an existing carwash space in a prime location deep in the heart of Farragut. The existing carwash was demolished, and the plans were drawn up for his new facility with a polish tunnel and conveyor concept to allow interior detailing, becoming his most technologically advanced facility yet.
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The existing lot required extensive grading and sitework to extend the useable space to allow the drive through and turnaround needed for the new carwash model. In addition to the sitework challenges, Rooney and his general contractor, Matt Hasbrouck of TDH, Inc., were required to meet the Town of Farragut’s strict commercial building codes and setbacks for new construction.

Stone Strong stepped in to save the day and made it possible for the PureMagic Carwash team to extend the useable space on the lot to allow the construction of Rooney’s state-of-the art facility, all while meeting the strict building codes and aesthetics required by the Town of Farragut. With Stone Strong’s help, Farragut, an affluent suburb of Knoxville, TN, welcomed PureMagic Carwash, Knoxville’s 2017 Pinnacle Awards’ Innovator Award winner, to the neighborhood in 2016.

Discovering site space challenges
Barger and Sons was first approached by Matt Hasbrouck, the GC who teamed up with Rooney to build this state-of-the art carwash facility. After the facility plans were drawn up, Hasbrouck was tasked with making the site work. Hasbrouck stated, “There were a couple of challenges with this site. We needed the proper amount of turning radius to enter the tunnel through the backside of the lot. It required a retaining wall in order to push the parking lot turn radius to the limits the Town of Farragut would allow.”

The team was concerned; however, a Stone Strong retaining wall would allow the hill and steep slope to be pushed out to the corner to pick up more real estate. Rooney said, “[Stone Strong] allowed us to maximize coverage on the property from edge to edge or point to point. We needed as much of a straight run as we could get, and we couldn’t get it unless we put this wall in.” Stone Strong, with it’s minimal automatic four inch setback per three vertical feet of height, helped to maximize the team’s ability to spread the building across the property. This aspect of the project was very important to the team since they were dealing with valuable commercial real estate in a high profile location fronting on Kingston Pike.
This site, although it looks perfect today, it certainly did not come this way, and we were able to gain almost a third of an acre by using the new Stone Strong product.
Jim Rooney, PureMagic Carwash
Choosing a Retaining Wall Product
Hasbrouck reviewed a couple different competing products and wanted more information about the Stone Strong product. He contacted Barger and Sons to gather information about the Stone Strong product and also reviewed the information and videos at StoneStrongTN.com. Hasbrouck shared this information with Rooney to make his final retaining wall product recommendation. When Hasbrouck brought the Stone Strong product to Rooney and the name Barger and Sons with it, Rooney says, “we just felt really comfortable, really confident choosing that product and going forward.”
At the end of the day, Stone Strong gave us the appearance we wanted, gave us the ability to construct the wall in the timeframe we needed to build it in, and the cost was very competitive.
Matt Hasbrouck, TDH, Inc.
Rooney has the utmost confidence in Hasbrouck and says, “I depend on him to bring me the best products, the best scenarios, the best equations for what we’re trying to do. When he believes in something, that carries a lot of weight so I take a look at it.”
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Rooney was aware of the competing products on the market when Hasbrouck approached him with the Stone Strong product. The project and highlight videos at StoneStrongTN.com were key in the evaluation. Rooney and Hasbrouck evaluated the Stone Strong product together, and ultimately decided it was the retaining wall product that would work well for their Farragut project. Rooney says, “When Matt introduced this product to me and what it could do and shared some videos of what it has already done and what you guys have already done, there was really no doubt, no question. It really made the decision quite easy.”

For the PureMagic Carwash project, the technology, design and materials are all above average and high quality. Stone Strong’s product fit very well into that design envelope and complemented their facility design to tie everything together.
We feel great about the [Stone Strong] product and our selection!
Jim Rooney, PureMagic Carwash
Easy Approval
Hasbrouck says, “Farragut has a standard they want everything built to, and the appearance this wall was going to leave was instrumental in their final approval and being able to get a permit for the project. Cost is always a factor, but in this regard, appearance and functionality were right there close together.” The PureMagic Carwash team worked with Barger and Sons and the geotechnical engineer, Chad Smock at Engineering and Testing Solutions, to compile the information for Town of Farragut’s review and approval. “This is our first Stone Strong project, and we had all the support we needed from Barger and Sons. Any questions we had, they were always receptive and went out of their way to help us and make sure the installation went in easily. We would definitely come back to Stone Strong again. We had no problems with getting it [Stone Strong] approved,” says Matt Hasbrouck.

The Town of Farragut review and approval process is very detailed with strict requirements for commercial construction involving setbacks, aesthetics and integrity. Rooney says, “I think the process was overall easier than I thought it would be going in. Relative to the Stone Strong product and the wall itself, I found it almost a chip shot if you want to use an analogy. I thought it was quite simple. We presented renderings, plans, drawings, the engineering that supports it, and it was an affirmative, an affirmative, an affirmative. It was just basically a good, easy approval process for us.”

Another Happy Customer
Rooney calls this wall “The Great Wall of Farragut”. The PureMagic Carwash wall, installed by Johnny Richardson of Richardson’s Construction, is over 3,000 square feet, used approximately 220 blocks and even incorporated Stone Strong’s BIG 24-86 blocks, which weigh 7,600 lbs. Richardson was a first-time Stone Strong installer, but as expected, the wall went in quickly and easily.
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In its tallest section, the wall is 18 feet from top of foundation to top of wall, holding up a parking lot for one of Farragut’s most technologically advanced businesses. Hasbrouck says, “We are very confident in the wall and its abilities to hold up the parking lot we’ve built on the back side of it.” Rooney agrees, “I love the wall! I think I made a great decision!”
This has been a fantastic experience. For a first time system that we have installed, we could not have asked for a better project. It went in just exactly how we were told it would go together, and there were really no surprises at the end of the day, which when you are building something is very important because there are always surprises. The experience was great.
Matt Hasbrouck, TDH, Inc.
When asked if he will consider Stone Strong in the future over a competing product, Rooney says, “There’s no reason to take another look if we need another wall in the future.”

It has been stated about Rooney’s facility, “At PureMagic, they have bridged the gap between innovation, convenience and customer care, completely revolutionizing how customers think and feel about a traditional full-service carwash.” In the same manner, Stone Strong has done the same for the segmental retaining wall industry. Stone Strong offers the biggest, best and most innovative block in precast.

And perhaps the best compliment a product can ever receive from the owner of a highly visible multi-million dollar project…
I watched every single step of the construction and installation process. I sleep very well at night.
Jim Rooney, PureMagic Carwash
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PureMagic Carwash