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Meter Vaults, Steam Vaults, and Electrical Vaults

Meter Vaults

What Are Meter Vaults?
Contractors and utilities are often faced with the need for some rather large, complex piping and device assemblies – these include backflow preventers, water meters, fire line water meters, and altitude valves. The choice is simple – either build these in the field in less than desirable conditions, which is both labor intensive and expensive, or purchase a fully assembled meter vault that can quickly be installed and placed in operation.

Why Preassembled Meter Vaults?
Barger and Sons offers fully assembled precast vaults to handle large, complex piping and device assemblies including, but not limited to, back flow preventers, water meters, fire line water meters, and altitude valves, which save labor and work in the field. Preassembled vaults offer an underground precast concrete vault, which protects expensive hardware components. Pipe penetrations can have different types of seals that include grout and rubber seals.

Doors are placed in the vault top to allow easy access. Doors are placed in the top of the vaults to allow easy access in the vault – these include 36” x 36”, 48” x 72”, and custom sized doors. The vaults can also be designed so the entire concrete lid can be lifted off using a backhoe. The vault with its access door creates an optimal working environment and eases future testing, calibration, and maintenance of components. Devices assembled in the field offer none of these protections and testing, calibration, and maintenance can be a muddy nightmare! Inlets and outlets of preassembled meter vaults are accurately placed to job specifications – the difficulties of accurately cutting, threading, and assembling components in the field are virtually eliminated.

Finally, traditional field manufacture and assembly of components is both labor intensive and expensive. Preassembly of meter vault components in a shop environment with the vast array of tools available is much more efficient, bringing the best value solution to contractors and utilities.

Why Barger and Sons?
As East Tennessee’s complete water and sewer services provider, Barger and Sons understands that maintaining a utility's infrastructure gets harder and more complex every year. With over 50 years experience providing utility and contractor support, Barger and Sons has developed a level of expertise in water and sewer installations that is unsurpassed by any other provider. Our Tennessee certified water plant operators and water distributionists fully understand the issues and can deliver a preassembled meter vault to your location for immediate use. When you combine our level of expertise with the responsiveness of our local support to East Tennessee utilities and contractors, you will quickly conclude that Barger and Sons offers the best value solution for your needs.